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If you already have a Home Care Package but are unhappy with the service or the excessive fees, you can transfer it to The Care List. Here's how to lower your fees and take complete control.
If you're not happy with your current home care services you can change your Provider.

You, the client, have been personally allocated a Home Care Package by the Government, NOT the Provider. The money follows you and you can take your package to any Provider that can give you that level of care.

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Remember that in most cases, you will need to contribute some of your own money to your future care.
You need to tell your current Provider (in writing) that you are going to move to a new one.

Make sure you ask your Provider for a complete account of your home care package. You will also need to tell My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422. They will give you a Referral Code that you need to give to your new Provider.

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It's better to line up your new Provider BEFORE you tell the old one you're leaving.
Tell your Provider the exact date you will stop receiving care services from them.

Your old Provider has 31 days from the last day you use their services to tell the Department you are no longer with them. They must also give you a final account within 56 days AND forward all your records to your new Provider within 70 days.

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Be careful not to leave a time lag between the time you finish with your old Provider and when you start services with your new one. If you're a Care List client we will keep track of these dates for you.

If you're not happy with the current care you're getting, we can help you switch.


You won't be able to start with a new Provider until your account has been finalised with the old one.

Any money that has not been used by your current Provider when you leave, must be handed on to your new Provider. The Care List can help you find the right services to suit you.

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Ask your current provider exactly when they will be able to transfer your records and any unspent funds to your new provider to minimize any disruption to the services you're getting.
Check the fine print of your Home Care Agreement to see if your Provider has an exit fee.

A provider must detail in your Home Care Agreement how much they will charge in exit fees and they must also notify the Department. If they haven't done so they are not allowed to charge you any fee to leave.

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If all the money in your care package has been spent, the Provider is NOT allowed to charge you an exit fee.
What happens to your unspent care package money?

Your old Provider must tell you about any unspent money in your account within 56 days. Also, your old provider has up to 70 days to transfer your unspent funds to your new one.

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It's good if you can tell the old provider who the new provider will be when you decide on a date to stop receiving services.

Want a FREE and confidential Aged Care Statement check? Upload your agreement or take a photo and text or email it to us.


You need to find a Care Provider – the Department does not refer you to services like they used to.

You have 56 days from the end of your last agreement to find a new Provider. If you don't do this your package will be withdrawn but you can request My Aged Care for a 28-day extension.

The Care List is a government approved home care package provider. Through our app you can manage the package yourself or we can do it for you. We can also help you find the services you need or another provider by searching our database or by using our Concierge Services.

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Once you've found a Provider to deliver your package they must notify the Department within 28 days of starting care that you are now registered with them.
What is a Referral Code?

This is an individual code the Government has allocated specifically to you for the specific care services you receive. A referral code is usually given to you when you have an ACAT assessment.

That code allows a Provider to start giving you services and allows them access to your records. When you change providers this code must be given to the new Provider so they can access your records and be paid for your care.

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If you don't know what your Referral Code you need to call the My Aged Care helpline on 1800 200 422 and ask them what it is.
Can I change the Level of my Home Care Package?

Yes - but you will need to have another ACAT Assessment to do that. The first step is to ask for a review of your plan. Sometimes you may just need some extra services already available at your current Level.

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DON'T give up your existing package until you've been assessed again and allocated a new package.
What is the National Prioritisation Database?

This is a My Aged Care waitlist or a queue that people need to be on to either get a Home Care package OR if they're changing levels from say a Level 2 to a Level 3.

You need to be on this list if you haven't yet been assigned a package.

Packages will be handed out based on how long you've been on the list and what care needs you have.

Don't have a Home Care Package or can’t wait for a Home Care Package? Let us help you explore other options that can bridge the gap.