When it gets too difficult to carry the shopping bags or simply to go to the shops, these services providers can help you do the shopping (assisted shopping) or do the shopping on your behalf.


Similarly, they can help prepare meals at your home or deliver to you daily cooked meals or frozen ready-to-heat-and-eat meals.


Below is a guide to the duties performed by these service providers.


  • Transport you to and from shopping centres
  • Carry your shopping bags
  • Help with the shopping
  • Prepare your meals
  • Adhere to special diets where necessary
  • Assistance with feeding if required
  • Deliver meals prepared elsewhere
  • Deliver frozen meals

Shopping/Meal services on The Care List

An alternative meal choice can be to purchase meals from approved meal providers. We can pay up-to 70% of these meals out of available home care subsidies, with the client paying 30% of the meal cost. Example, if you order a dinner worth $10 we would cover $7 from the Government subsidies while you pay $3 for your delivered meal.
The Care List offers its members a true choice about who, when and how they receive their care, at a great price.