Respite care is designed to give carers a break from their duties of looking after loved ones. They may need to attend to their own duties or simply take some time off from caring for their loved ones.


Respite care can be made available for a short period of time (just a few hours in the day or overnight) as well as over a longer period. There are a variety of respite care options ranging from care at your own home to care in a residential facility.


Below is a guide to the duties performed by respite service providers.


  • Provide short term care so that your carer can attend to their own personal duties
  • Provide care in your home - can be for a few hours or overnight
  • Provide overnight or weekend respite cottage care, or at a residential facility
  • Community access respite to provide social activities and interaction and provides your carer with a break

Respite Care services on The Care List

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