Deciding what to do about getting some help and finding clear, unbiased and accurate information is hard.
At The Care List we aim to make the difficult, easy.

Do I need some extra help?

Take our quick and easy test to help you work out what kind of help you might need

Are you fatigued?
Can you walk up one flight one flight of stairs?
Can you walk at least 1 block down the street?
Is it getting hard to do chores around the house?
Do you have more than five on going illnesses?
In the last 6 months have you had an unexpected weight loss?
Can you get to the shops or the doctor by yourself?
Do you spend more than 3 days without talking to or seeing anyone?
Total Score
Questions based on a study being conducted by the Positive Ageing Resource Centre. and Frailty consensus: a call to action. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 2013 Jun 30;14(6):392-7
If you scored more than 4 out of 8
It's time to consider having a little bit of help to make sure you or your loved one can continue living comfortably and happily. Most likely it would involve some Government funded Home Support services or you can privately arrange some help.
If you scored more than 6 out of 8
If it's more than 6 you may need to access services in a Home Care Package that has a range of levels from easy simple tasks to very complex support with registered nurses and other professionals providing medical help.

Or you may want to consider moving into a residential home so that your care needs can be more easily taken care of.

The Care List offers its members a true choice about who, when and how they receive their care, at a great price.
I do need help, what now?
If you're relatively healthy and active and you think you just need a little help with the cleaning or perhaps a run to the shops, then you should start by having a RAS Assessment. In Government speak this is called a Regional Assessment Service Assessment.

It is less a formal assessment and allows you to access Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) for some of these simple things to give you a helping hand.

You can register for a RAS assessment at My Aged Care.

If you think you need some help that is a little more structured or formal, like help with medication as well as other more basic help then you will need to start with an ACAT Assessment from an Aged Care Assessment Team. (In Victoria this is called ACAS)

Once you've had this assessment and have been recommended for a Home Care Package you will join the Government waitlist to be assigned a package.

It's called the Home Care National Prioritisation Queue.

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There are currently lengthy wait times for both ACAT assessments and the allocation of Home Care Packages, especially Level 4 packages in some areas.
I have a care package but I'm not happy and want to change